Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB)

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The Global MBA program is a China-focused,14-month program for next-generation business leaders seeking a global perspective, economic disruptions and social justice.

Our wide range of innovative courses focus on the latest business knowledge and impact of global geopolitical shifts through China insights, practical learning, cutting-edge technology, disruptive business models, social innovation, humanistic spirits and an ASEAN focus to better prepare students for a changing business environment. The program also partners with leading universities and institutions to offer a wide range of international exchange opportunities and coordinated degrees.

Established in November 2002, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) aims to cultivate transformative business leaders with a global vision, a humanistic spirit, a strong sense of social responsibility and an innovative mindset, so that they embrace innovation and strive for social and global good. Today, we are the preferred choice for Chinese business leaders- and increasingly international ones- and seasoned academics returning from globally-renowned universities. 

At CKGSB, we believe that a new generation of economic disruptions are essential for sustained economic prosperity of developed and emerging economies.

Hence, we collaborate with world-leading organizations across disciplines to establish a global ecosystem for rising and established leaders to drive next-generation disruptions that are economically, socially, environmentally, and globally beneficial.

With roots in China and extensive international experience at the world’s top universities, our40+ full-time professors provide the depth and breadth you need to navigate China and the Asia markets. Their research has provided the basis for over 400 case studies of both China-specific and global issues. Our focus on teaching experienced executives means you will gainunparalleled insight to excel in today’s world and access to some of China’s most successful companies, with more than 50% of CKGSB’s 14,000+ alumni being at the CEO or Chairman level.

In mainland China, CKGSB maintains locations in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, with overseas offices in Hong Kong, London and New York.

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40+ full-time, resident professors of which more than 50% previously tenured at top schools.


More than 50% of CKGSB’s 14,000+ alumni are at the Chairman or CEO level, with 25% of China’s most valuable brands run by these alumni.


3,000 international executives have participated in CKGSB’s English Executive Education programs.


The MBA program excels in developing entrepreneurship and career transformationsamong young talents, with 30% of MBA graduates starting their own businesses post-graduation and 60% entering into a new industry.


The MBA cohort sits at a 50/50 percent ratio of female to male students, with an average age of 30.


CKGSB faculty have won more than 60 global academic awards and their research has provided the basis for over 400 case studies of both China-specific and global issues.


Social innovation became a required module for all degree programs in 2017, integrating social innovation with business innovation to address global issues- wealthinequality, social immobility and sustainability.


Since 2009, CKGSB requires all degree students to conduct philanthropic service to graduate, resulting in a total of over 150,000 hours serviced for society.


CKGSB partners with over 40 leading universities and global institutions, including Harvard Kennedy School, Columbia Engineering, Churchill College Cambridge and Berkeley Engineering.


CKGSB fosters next-generation disruptors that are economically, socially and environmentally responsible, and has created and developed 35 unicorns.

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  • Class Size: 50
  • International Student Percentage: 28
  • Female Percentage: 50
  • Scholarships Available: Yes
  • Course Length: 14
  • Employed Graduates Percentage: 100
  • Average Gmat: 680
  • Application Deadline: Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr, Jun
  • Accredited: EQUIS
  • Average Age: 25-35