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Building your network online can be tricky—here are three tips to get the most out of your virtual connections

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Ex-army engineer, Jennifer Agnew, drew on the marketing expertise at Kelley School of Business to pivot from operations to brand management

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COVID-19 UPDATE as of April 2, 2020:

• Application deadline: March 1 for 2021

• Program fee: $75

• Can candidates still apply for scholarships? Yes

• Virtual engagement opportunities: We are offering virtual live info sessions all available at:

Contact information:

• Website:

• Email:

• Phone: 812-855-7200

Accounting is an appealing career choice for many reasons: job outlook, salary and the opportunity for growth. So how do you set yourself apart? The answer is the Kelley Master of Science in Accounting degree. Whether you've worked as an accountant for several years or you're changing careers, the Kelley Graduate Accounting Programs will help you advance your career and unlock new opportunities while preparing you for the CPA exam.


Degree: Master's

Program Type: Full-time

Class Style: On Campus

Duration: One year (two semesters)



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Kelley-Manchester Global MBA

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Proven Value of the Kelley Full-Time MBA

Want to earn a top-ranked MBA nationally recognized for its value? Transform your career with the momentum of a Kelley Full-Time MBA at Indiana University. You’ll dive into career development from the start, meeting one-on-one with career coaches from our award-winning Graduate Career Services (#3 in the world by Financial Times, 2020). Over the next two years you’ll gain industry insights through hands-on experiences as you partner with faculty experts and mentors. You’ll meet recruiters from our network of top companies and join the largest business school alumni network in the world (it’s more than 120,000 strong!). In addition to its beauty and eclectic culture, Bloomington, Indiana, offers one of the lowest costs of living among top-ranked MBA programs. The Kelley Full-Time MBA is a sound business decision for your career—and your future. More than 94% of our students have job offers within three months of graduation.

Full Time MBA

  • Accredited  AACSB
  • Applicant Admissions %: 43%
  • Applicants Per Year: 728
  • Application Deadline(listed below)
  • First: October 15
  • Second: January 5
  • Third: March 1
  • Final: April 15
  • Average Age: 29
  • Average GMAT Score: 652
  • Average Work Years: 5.5
  • Class Size: 92
  • Cost Per Application $75
  • Course Fee $53,726 peryear
  • Course Length (Months): 21 months
  • Forbes Ranking: #19 Forbes Best Business School 2019
  • Female %: 35%
  • FT Ranking: #23 U.S. News & World Report 2021
  • Financial Times: #3 Career Services 2020
  • International Student %: 23%
  • Living Expenses: $13,906
  • Nationalities Count: 10
  • Salary Increase %: 113%
  • Scholarships Available 97% received scholarships

Kelley Direct Online MBA

Key facts about the school or the program

The Kelley School of Business’ 54-credit Online MBA program features an innovative, revamped curriculum with a business fundamentals core, 50% electives, and seven majors to choose from. 

It is designed to offer a flexible learning environment for working professionals with competing work- and life priorities. Students typically take two to four years to complete the program and can focus their degree in one of seven areas of interest: business analytics, digital technology management, entrepreneurship and corporate innovation, finance, marketing, strategy and leadership, and supply chain and operations. Kelley Direct Online MBA students can also choose to focus on business or healthcare policy during the school’s Washington Campus immersion program. 

Classes are offered starting in fall and spring.


A hallmark of the Kelley Direct program are the two intensive seven-day, in-person Kelley Connect weeks (totaling 3 credit hours), where students work in a team to develop a solution to a real business challenge facing a real local or international company. As a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Kelley Connect Weeks have moved virtual and will return to the IU Bloomington campus when it is safe to do so. 

The Kelley Direct Online MBA business fundamentals core and elective coursework can be completed fully online. The three terms of 24-credit core courses are spread out over the two-year timeframe, and students can choose to take their 27 credits of electives in one of seven major areas.

At Kelley Direct, we understand that guidance and coaching in career advancement is especially relevant in the current global climate. Students have the option to take a global perspectives or professional development course, led by our number one-ranked Graduate Career Services team, as well as receive tailored career coaching from a dedicated career coach.

While earning the Kelley Direct Online MBA, students can also choose to earn an additional Online MS in business analytics, entrepreneurship and innovation, finance, global supply chain management, marketing, or strategic management. This will require an additional 12 credits worth of coursework.

US News & World Report Ranking – #1, 2020

FT Ranking – #3 in the US, 2020

Female Percentage – 28%

Scholarships Available – Yes

Course Length – 2-4 years

Salary Upon Graduation – $122,000

Percentage promoted within 6 months of graduation – 64%

Average GMAT Score – 650 

Average GPA – 3.44

Course Fee – $74,520 

Application Deadline – Spring 2021: January 15. Fall 2021: June 15.

Accredited – Yes 

Credits required – 54

Cost per credit hour – $1,380

Average Age – 33 

Average Work Years – 9 

Nationalities Count – 30 

Military – 11%