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Brought together by the Warwick MBA, Danilo Di Salvo and Anzor Mantskava are on a mission to pour new life into the UK wine market

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MBA grad Samir Abid is the man behind Pace Insights, the sports science company that has helped athletes win Olympic gold medals and, in 2019, helped Eliud Kipchoge break the two-hour marathon record

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EMBA Electives in behavioral science at Warwick Business School turned out to be the key to Paul Ranson's Airbnb success. Now he plans to help others in the hospitality sector

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How to have good conversations and how to be an ethical leader: all skills developed on the LeadershipPlus module at Warwick Business School

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Warwick Business School (WBS) isn’t just a world-class business school at the heart of a world-class university; it’s a hub of curiosity that is constantly challenging the status quo and championing business as a power for good.

With a healthy balance between theory and practice, we truly transform people by developing them both professionally and personally. We’re for the people excited by everything around them, driven to learn, question, debate and have real impact.

At the forefront of everything we do are our students. We are here to support and motivate every student to unlock their full potential, and achieve their ambitions. But we’re not here to hold hands; we’ll push, critique, and challenge you to bring out your inner Change Maker.

Studying at WBS means being open to new ideas, viewpoints and new voices, helping you take on new perspectives and challenge your thinking.

We are located on the University of Warwick’s campus, just over an hour from London and twenty minutes from Birmingham Airport. In 2014 we opened WBS London at The Shard in central London, bringing WBS’s cutting edge thinking, research and networks to executives from organisations around the world who want to study in London.

Our highly ranked Warwick MBA is delivered in a range of formats, allowing you to study full-time or part-time, in Warwick or London. WBS also deliver a full range of programmes from Undergraduate through to DBA level.

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School Location



Warwick Business School is the largest department of the University of Warwick


WBS was created as the School of Industrial and Business Studies (SIBS) in 1967 and took its present name in 1984


WBS is the first business school in the UK to receive the AthenaSWAN Silver Award for improving gender equality


WBS has a London base at The Shard


WBS has an alumni community of more than 50,000 individuals from more than 140 countries


WBS is the first business school in the UK to be accredited, in 2000, by all three premier international management education bodies: EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB

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  1. Please describe your main interests and leisure activities, and any other experiences or involvement that has significantly influenced your career or personal development. (200 words)
  2. Please explain your principal reasons for wishing to join the Warwick MBA. Describe your career aspirations, the contribution you will make to the programme and, if you will be sponsored, the value you will add to your sponsoring organisation. (500 words)
  3. Choose from one of the following two topics, writing no more than 1000 words. Either "In your opinion, what are the key issues facing your organisation over the next five years?" OR "Identify the major strengths and weaknesses of an organisation of your choice. If you were the CEO, what three things would you change? (1000 words)
  4. Please use this page for any additional information that was not captured within your application. If you feel you've already provided us with sufficient information about yourself, you need not add anything here. (500 words)

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  • FT Ranking: 38
  • FT Ranking Global MBA: 36
  • FT Ranking Masters: 21
  • FT Ranking EMBA: 18
  • Economist FT Mba RANKING: 18
  • Applicants Per Year: 350
  • Applicants Admitted Percentage: 28
  • Class Size: 70
  • International Student Percentage: 91
  • Female Percentage: 27
  • Scholarships Available: 15
  • Course Length: 12
  • Employed Graduates Percentage: 95
  • Salary Increase Percentage: 94
  • Average Gmat: 620
  • Course Fee: USD 36,090
  • Application Deadline: Rolling
  • Accredited: AACSBAMBAEQUIS
  • Cost Per Application: GBP 80
  • Living Expenses: 18887.52
  • Average Age: 30
  • Average Work Years: 6
  • Nationalities Count: 17
  • Businessweek Ranking: 0
  • Economist Ranking: 37

Full-time MBA (Class profile 2019)

Average age of participants: 30

Countries represented: 40

% female students: 39

Average years of work: 8

Course fee (2020 entry): £40,450 for September 2020 intake

Executive MBA (Class profile 2019)

Average age of participants: 37

Countries represented: 15

% female students: 24

Average years of work: 14

Course fee: £45,230 for March 2020 intake and £47,045 for September 2020 intake

Executive MBA (London) (Class profile 2019)

Average age of participants: 35

Countries represented: 25

% female students: 29

Average years of work: 13

Course fee: £49,450 for March and April 2020 intakes and £51,450 for September 2020 intake

Distance learning MBA (Class profile 2019)

Average age of participants: 36

Countries represented: 69

% female students: 28

Average years of work: 13

Course fee: £33,250 for June 2020 intake

Distance learning MBA (London) (Class profile 2019)

Average age of participants: 36

Countries represented: 23

% female students: 40

Average years of work: 13

Course fee: £37,760 for June 2020 intake

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AKA: WBS, Warwick MBA


All Warwick B-school applicants offered a place are automatically considered for a merit-based scholarship.

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