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WEBINAR | Insider Secrets For Getting Into A Top Master's Program

Want to know how to get into a top master's program? In this webinar, we discover top secrets and tips from master's students and faculty

By  Business Because

Tue Nov 10 2020


Eager to get admitted to a top ranked masters program? Are you resourceful and enthusiastic, with a strong work ethic and values? 

In this BusinessBecause Presents webinar, BusinessBecause brings you insider tips and applications advice from current students of Bocconi University's highly ranked masters programsWe’ll also be hearing from Paolo Cancelli, director of Student Affairs Division at Bocconi University, on what makes a top applicant to their programmes. 

Find out exactly what it takes to get accepted, which of your qualities will make you stand out from the crowd, and how a degree from a top school like Bocconi could change your whole career.

Key takeaways from this webinar

⇨ Which of your qualities will appeal to a top university like Bocconi? 

⇨ How to leave the competition behind and get your application noticed?

⇨ Which of Bocconi’s masters programmes will get you your dream role?

⇨ Get the inside scoop from current students on the secrets to their application success    


Paolo Cancelli - Director of Student Affairs Division, Bocconi University

Lia Carvalho da Cunha - MSc in International Management student, Bocconi University

Mauricio Benitez -  MSc in International Management student, Bocconi University

Simon Lovick - Writer, BusinessBecause


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