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MBA Tuition Fees For The World’s Best Business Schools

MBA tuition fees can vary significantly from school to school. We list the latest total tuition fees for the world’s best MBA programs

Mon Jun 8 2020


It’s no secret that studying an MBA is a significant investment. The BusinessBecause Cost of MBA Report, breaks down the total cost of studying an MBA, including the living costs and healthcare expenses you can expect to pay throughout a full-time MBA program. MBA tuition fees are the single largest cost.

Our research shows MBA programs charge an average of over $117k in total tuition fees, but MBA fees can vary significantly between schools for a number of reasons. 

MBA fees and program length

Program length is one factor...

an have a big impact on tuition fees. Two-year programs, generally speaking, will incur higher costs than their one-year counterparts, simply because they offer more hours of tuition.

However, INSEAD’s one-year MBA costs $95,040, almost twice the price of National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School’s 17 month program which costs around $49k.

MBA fees by region

MBA fees also vary significantly from region to region. Studying at a US school will typically cost you the most because most US MBA programs are two-year programs. On average, a top-ranked US-based MBA will set you back over $146k according to our research.

By comparison, top European programs cost an average of $86.5k, while top-ranked Asian MBAs charge $70.5k on average.

Fees can also vary quite a lot from one institution to another—even in the same country. In the UK, for instance, an MBA at London Business School (LBS) will set you back $113,450, while studying the program at the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School costs $70,534. 

MBA fees by ranking

Although there is not much difference between the top MBA programs, how highly a program is ranked can also have an impact on fees.

Wharton Business School, which charges the highest tuition fees of any top school at an estimated $158,756 for two years, is ranked second in the Financial Times’ Global MBA rankings, for example. 

Harvard Business School (HBS), ranked number one this year, charges similarly high fees of an estimated $146,880 for two years of MBA study.

The high price-point is partly down to the quality of faculty at top schools, whose expertise commands high salaries. These programs also tend to offer the highest return on investment when it comes to graduate salaries.

MBA Tuition Fees for the World's Best Business Schools

Below are the total tuition MBA fees for the world’s top 25 MBA programs, as ranked by the Financial Times in 2020. For two-year MBA programs in the US, we have doubled annual tuition fees to estimate the total cost for the two years.

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