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Online MBAs provide flexibility, great teaching technology and career outcomes. So what are the world's best Online MBA programs, according to the FT MBA rankings?

Online MBA programs are on the up. Applications to a wealth of schools are increasing, driven by a growing desire for flexibility, better teaching technology and good career outcomes. So which online MBAs are the best?

Best Online MBA programs

Each year, the Financial Times ranks the world’s best online MBA programs. In 2020, Warwick Business School retained its crown at the top of the Financial Times MBA rankings for the third successive year. 

The UK school did so thanks to the strong salary of its alumni, who earn an average of $204,799 three years from graduation, up 40% in this time. What’s more, Warwick came highest for career progression and for its proportion of overseas professors: 78%. 

The FT ranked 10 schools around the world, based on a range of factors, but primarily the alumni salary after three years and the salary increase, reflecting the main aims of students: personal development and cultivating career opportunities, mostly in...

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