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Applicant Question of the Week

  • Meredith Shields, co-founder of Vantage Point MBA Admissions, explains how to overcome a low undergraduate GPA in this week's Applicant Question

    How Do I Apply To An MBA With A Low GPA?

    Worried that a low GPA might hurt your MBA application? Meredith Shields of Vantage Point says there's plenty you can do to strengthen your application

    chat icon - bootstrap icon libray October 6, 2020 11:00

  • The director of institutional partnerships at the CFA institute, Peter Watkins, explains the benefits of studying both the CFA and Masters in Finance

    CFA Vs Masters In Finance: Should You Do Both?

    Combining your CFA qualification with a Masters in Finance could be the ultimate combination for a career in investment, says Peter Watkins of the CFA

    chat icon - bootstrap icon libray September 29, 2020 10:30

  • Henk Kievit of Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands tackles this week's Applicant Question

    Is Now A Good Time For An EMBA?

    An EMBA can give you the skills and outlook you need to pivot and succeed in the wake of coronavirus, says Henk Kievit, director of EMBA programs at Nyenrode Business University

    chat icon - bootstrap icon libray September 22, 2020 10:30

  • Lisa Francis, assistant director of graduate admissions at Kogod School of Business, provides some insight into switching into consulting jobs

    How Can An MBA Help You Land Consulting Jobs?

    Want to leave your old industry and land consulting jobs? Kogod's assistant director of graduate admissions, Lisa Francis, says business school is the perfect way to make that pivot

    chat icon - bootstrap icon libray September 16, 2020 08:30

  • Melody Jones of Vantage Point MBA Admissions Consulting shares her round one MBA admissions checklist

    MBA Admissions: Your Round 1 Checklist

    Worried about the round one MBA admission process? Melody Jones, co-founder of Vantage Point MBA admissions consulting, explains what you should check before you click 'submit'

    chat icon - bootstrap icon libray September 1, 2020 12:00

  • Applicant Question | How can you use your MBA to drive change and land a job with social impact?

    Can An MBA Help You Find Social Impact Jobs?

    Deirdre Kane, MBA admissions director at the University of Georgia’s Terry School of Business, explains how an MBA can help you thrive in social impact jobs

    chat icon - bootstrap icon libray August 25, 2020 14:15

  • For Nupur Gupta, founder of Crack The MBA, a successful application is all about early planning

    10 Steps To A Successful MBA Application

    Nupur Gupta of Crack The MBA explains what you need to prioritize as you get your MBA application ready

    chat icon - bootstrap icon libray August 18, 2020 10:00

  • MBA Application | Although many applicants favor round 1, rounds 2 and 3 can be a better option for certain candidates, says David White

    Which MBA Application Round Should You Apply In?

    Unsure whether to submit your MBA application in Round 1, 2 or 3? David White of Menlo Coaching explains what admissions directors are looking for in each application round

    chat icon - bootstrap icon libray August 11, 2020 12:32

  • Jenifer Turtschanow, CEO of ARINGO Admissions Consulting, has seen many family business background candidates succeed in top MBA programs

    How Do I Apply For An MBA With A Family Business Background?

    Coming from a family business might not be the norm for MBAs, but your experience can lend itself to a strong MBA application, says Jenifer Turtschanow, CEO at ARINGO MBA Admissions

    chat icon - bootstrap icon libray July 21, 2020 13:00

  • Victoria Dudka weighs up the pros and cons of pursuing an MBA straight after your undergraduate degree

    Should You Do An MBA Right After Undergrad?

    Covid-19 has restricted the jobs market, leaving fresh college graduates wondering whether they should go straight into an MBA. Admissions expert Victoria Dudka weighs up the pros and cons

    chat icon - bootstrap icon libray July 14, 2020 10:00